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May 03, 2010


"The Federal Circuit commented on the irony that it was precisely because ALZA argued for broader claim construction that its claims were found to be invalid. The Court failed, however, to mention that ALZA may have been required to argue for the broader construction in order for the claims to cover Andrx's ANDA product."

That's a strange way to use the word "required," Kevin. ALZA wasn't "required" to do anything here. ALZA was greedy and they got burned. Now watch ALZA collect the money they spent on this case from their customers, in the form of increased prices.

And the defendant will do the same, of course.

Isn't greed wonderful? 12 years of data exclusivity for these creeps.

ALZA has done the right thing, by arguing the border Construction. and claimed to cover Andrix.

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