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January 17, 2010


Voice your support for new Obama Health care plan at http://www.obamahealthcareplan.org

Join the conversation about the Obama Health care plan at http://www.obamahealthcareplan.org

It's a lousy bill ! The real shame is if it passes. America can do better than this. It's NOT ABOUT DEMS., POLITICAL CAPITAL, etc.; it's about appropriate healthcare! Missing the point completely seems to be the objective of all this healthcare hoopla


Having seen with wry amusement (and outrage) the "Louisiana Purchase" and "Cornhusker Deal" in this health care legislation, nothing surprises me anymore, including this latest effort to reduce the data exclusivity period for biosimilars. What is astounding is the political stupidity of the Democrat party in Congress and the White House that continues to push for unpopular legislation, yet is willing to commit "legislative suicide" over an issue as minor (at least to the general public) as the length of data exclusivity for biosimilars. As you suggest, Waxman and Obama would do better to get in the current biosimilar proposal and then work later on what the the length of data exclusivity should be. This "all or nothing approach" is simply arrogance, and is an attitude that is going to have consequences for the Democratic party this fall and beyond.

Very amusing. The hip biotechers sign on for the cruise but find their idol bumping them to steerage. A classic DC rope-a-dope trick and true Chicago-style politics. Pharma has participated in this grotesque corruption and they deserve what they (don't) get. And as far as Eshoo is concerned, too bad she didn't know the old rule about not to publicly asking a question you don't already know the answer to. She made the mistake the whole country has: We all assumed Obama was on our side.

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