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December 31, 2009


Don, Kev, go to Hulu sometime and watch "the future of food". Zeitgeist gonna get dis sht here soon. That's like the 4th new movie I've found this year.

Where, I wonder, is the pro bono work in the patent lawyer field that should be taking place on the behalf of these farmers? Perhaps it is happening and I just don't hear about it. Or perhaps it doesn't exist in large amounts. In either case, I'm disappointed.

When I get out of the office I might just patent a few seeds and make sure they end up in some people's front yards. These people might or might not be Monsanto execs/employees.

"How about them apples?" As my grandfather used to say.

Then, after I get a jury to say they infringed, I could also argue at damages phase that they're denying me my right to license them the technology.


Or maybe they'll just settle or license my "products". LOL

I do have one question for you guys on here though. Wouldn't it be a cause of action under tort law or some such for someone to contaminate your products? Wouldn't the farmer then simply sue his neighbor and recover the costs of the litigation against the seed company? If not, why has tort law failed us?

Hopefully, the end of the "Great Recession" will permit patent law discussions to return to the legislative table. IP and patents are critical to our economy, and serious reform should take place as soon as possible.

Just because they call it "reform" does not make it so.

Please see http://truereform.piausa.org/ for a different/opposing view on patent reform.

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