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December 10, 2009



Good luck today and go get 'em!

Kev's gonna be more famoose than even me!

Just listened to the SciFri "Gene Patenting" segment.

a) At the end, you asked if you could add 1 more thing but they were out of time, could you perhaps elaborate on that 1 thing here?

b) On the issue of getting the 2nd opinion near the end of the show, it sounded that the ACLU had more updated info on that issue (obviously they're involved in the case and not an observer), and Myriad had denied the ability for someone to get a second opinion/test. I'm curious if you've found out anything else about this after the show and if its indeed true, and if so, why it would make sense for Myriad to deny a second opinion/test instead of working out a license or other?

Otherwise, I was glad to hear this topic reach NPR and get all of the misinformation clarified to the public!

Dear m:

Thanks for listening today. While I had a great many additional things to say, to be honest I was just trying to mention the blog, which has so much more info on it.

Interestingly (and something that will be part of a future post), Myriad sent me an e-mail after the broadcast saying that the situation isn't exactly as Dan reported it. I have to see the letter before I can comment, but the short answer is that it was sent after the lawsuit was filed (which Dan admitted on the show) and Myriad didn't respond substantively (at least in part because of the lawsuit).

Thanks for the comment.

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