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July 13, 2009


If I understand correctly, the NVCA has released the results of the study and an executive summary, but it hasn't released the study itself. Is that right? I can't find the study on their website.


I could not find a copy of the study on the NVCA site, either. However, you can download a copy of a PowerPoint presentation that appears to have been prepared by Professors Cockburn and Lerner (the link for this document is entitled "Presentation," and it is located under the "Public Policy Highlights" heading on the NVCA homepage). Due to its length, I did not upload a copy to the post.


Would it be possible to provide links to the Ways and Means Economist Document and FTC Document? Might be more supportive of the arguement if all the data was available in detail for those of us who would like to read it. Thank you.

Ms. Catanzaro:

Links to our posts on Mr. Brill's white paper and the FTC report were included in the post on the NVCA study (see posts entitled "Former House Ways and Means Economist Claims 7-Year Data Exclusivity Period Is Sufficient," November 20, 2008, and "No One Seems Happy with Follow-on Biologics According to the FTC," June 14, 2009), and links to Mr. Brill's white paper and the FTC report were provided in our posts on those reports (see http://www.tevadc.com/Brill_Exclusivity_in_Biogenerics.pdf and http://www.ftc.gov/os/2009/06/P083901biologicsreport.pdf).

Donald Zuhn

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