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June 14, 2009


The report definably makes some assumptions that cannot be factually substantiated. However, this does not mean they are per se wrong. Since it is merely a report it should best be taken as things to consider as fob's move forward.

For an innovator's perspective on patent reform issues, see http://aminn.org/

Dear Josh:

True, but the context suggests that it may be less benign. The FTC has taken upon itself the role of reform proponent (along its own lines, of course), and opined on patent reform in the past (2003) and FOB's (which is a form of regulatory reform) now. They also have been very active in trying to get the CAFC (and now the Supreme Court) to rule that "reverse payments" under the Hatch-Waxman regime should be per se illegal.

Ardent advocacy, or abuse of a government mandate? Depends on your point of view, and that's the point - the FTC definitely has a "point of view" on many policy issues outside its own government brief. Which is why a report such as this one, which is at odds with other more scholarly (peer-reviewed) work, is noteworthy and has provoked negative reactions from industry groups and Congress.

Thanks for the comment.

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