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June 09, 2009


You know what would be funny? What if the PTO just stopped issuing them and short circuited the case?

6: You may have received a favorable decision in Tafas v. Doll, but it wasn't that favorable.

Gene, that seems a bit off topic and I don't disagree with what you say. Although, I do agree with the CAFC in that decision that what they said was the correct interpretation, admin law principles and result.

So, did you banzor me from your little neck of the woods or am I just having technical trouble posting there (both from home and work?)

Btw, I got a real kick out of your statement about "large companies infringing reasonably anticipated claims" in your thread where you were so outragged about some lucky person getting an OA in 6 mo. BTW, my AU has a time to first action avg of 18 mo, are all those thousands of actions going out unfair to your 3 year waiting app too?

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