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April 09, 2009


Can u please clarify my doubt regarding Cephalon vs Watson over Fentora. To the best of my knowledge I was aware that Cephalon/Cima had sued Barr Labs and not Watson. Then how come Watson came into the picture?

Is it by virtue of acquisition of Barr by Teva, and out-licensing by Teva for some of their product portfolio of Barr to Watson, few months ahead???

Would appreciate you reply....

Watson appears to have filed for Fentora before Barr. Watson notified Cephalon in April 2008, just before the listing of the challenge on the FDA PIV website. Barr first notified in June 2008 and added addtional strengths thereafter.

Watson was sued in June 2008 and the first suit against Barr was filed in July.

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