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March 03, 2009



I mentioned the introduction of this new version of so-called "patent law reform" to Kevin yesterday. This new version is not as bad as the old version (e.g., no AQSs and no "substantive rulemaking" authority for the USPTO), but it also does nothing to address the inequitable conduct standard. Overall, this new version is still tilted in favor of the corporate Goliahs in the computer/IT area (aka the so-called Coaltion for Patent Fairness, which is an oxymoronic title for this organization) and against the Davids of Innovation. As far as I'm concerned, the supporters of this bill are the bought and paid for henchman of the CFPF, so this new version is already "red flagged" and has troublesome implications for American jobs specifically and American global competitivenss generally. That's my 2 cents.

Last time there was a recession we responded with the Federal Circuit and stronger patents (1982) - why would weak patents help innovation?

I want a provision for disabled American veterens mandating a $200 fee in full for a small entity filing electronicly with no more than three claims to receive a utility patent, and a %50 fee to advertise his invention in the patent office's Gazette for six months.

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