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January 25, 2009


Is there any way you could include counsel information for each reported case, to the extent available? Thanks!

Hi Sherry,

In the Azopt case, I noticed another filing at the same court:
Case Number: 4:2009cv00030

Any link ups?


Hi JJR - At the time these cases are reported - i.e. when the complaint has just been filed - the only counsel information that is available is the counsel listed on the original complaint. A link to each complaint (in pdf format) is provided at the end of each reported case, and counsel information may be viewed there. Thanks for the comment, and thanks for reading Court Report.


The other "filing" you noticed is not actually a filing but rather a court docketing error. Somehow the court assigned two case numbers to the same case; the entry not reported exists in the court's docket but does not actually link to case information. So in reality, there is just the one case (the 00032 case reported above). Thanks for the comment.



Sorry for the incorrect name in the first post.

And a thank you for the update on the numbering error.


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