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September 11, 2008


David Boundy is my hero!


Thamks for posting this. I admire Dave Boundy's and Ron Katznelson's diligence and perseverance in pointing out how flawed, lawless, and irresponsible the current USPTO hierarchy is in the Rule making process. The Appeal Rules are just the tip of this iceberg. The "rule of law" needs to prevail here or we're in for serious trouble. And I no longer give the USPTO hierarchy any benefit of the doubt as to whether failure to follow the appropriate procedures was intentional or not, given the USPTO hierarchy's past track record.

David is a great asset to the patet bar. He is relentless. Whenever I feel that the PTO's war of attrition against applicants and practitioners may be succeeding, I just go back and read his comments on the PTO green paper (regarding restriction practice). They are a classic and make me laugh and inspire me to continue the fight.

Keep up the great work David.

It always amazes me how only a few people take the laboring oar in matters of widespread outrage. David Boundy is the unsung hero of the U.S. patent system. David works tireless to expose the fallacies behind many of the purportedly "quality enhancing measures" which the USPTO continues to spout at an ever increasing rate. We all owe him our gratitude.

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