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September 25, 2008



With the "financial fiasco" to deal with in Congress, Kyl's proposal has about a "snow ball's chance in hell" of being even considered now, much less passed. But the next Congressional session is a different matter, assuming the current "financial fiasco" doesn't take us down (it shouldn't, America is more resilient than even we Americans give it credit for).

Why would anybody consider passing a bill that had an anti commerce amendment in it re:Datatreasury like this senator Kyl is proposing . Didn't Senator Jeff Sessions remove support of this amendment deeming it unconstitutional himself . Where is this Senator Kyl coming from . Here we go again , when will the banks admit they stole this technology and pay for it like the other banks that have settled already . I would like to know how these senators of ours think or is everything including his mother for sale.


I'm with you. The whole concept of "excepting" from patent coverage certain types of subject matter (unless it's truly a "law of nature" like gravity) makes no technical sense, and makes no sense from the standpoint of protecting American innovation from pirating by those countries which have weaker IP laws (actual or in practice) such as China and India. Only the large and powerful (the Goliaths of Industry) benefit from such "exceptions" to the detriment of the Davids of Innovation.

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