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July 08, 2008



Strange that a law blog has a wrong map of a country. Please correct the map of India which shows the boundaries wrongly.

please refer to the official map at: http://www.india.gov.in/maps/indiaindex.php


1:03 PM:

I am not sure what was exactly wrong with the previous map (other than the fact that it may have been tilted slightly). Nevertheless, I have changed to a different image.


The Indian map posted here is correct according to the United Nations and India.

Kashmir joined Indian Union in 1948, like approximately 600 hundred other kingdoms joined the Union, by a treaty between the king and the Indian Union.

However, most Pakistani maps and maps prepared in the US show north-western part of Kashmir as part of Pakistan. This part of Kashmir was occupied by invading Pakistan in 1948, which should be vacated by Pakistan under a UN resolution. Instead, Pakistan has been waging a terrorist war (or freedom fight??)from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to get the rest of Kashmir from India.

Also, in 1962, China invaded and occupied part of India (in Kashmir).

These parts could be shown as disputed, as they belong to India but occupied by Pakistan and China.

Indian claim to the Kashmir has been well documented through treaties and UN resolutions.

Possession is 9/10 of the law!?

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