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June 04, 2008


Ya know it's interesting that Monsanto is implying that people who oppose corporate control are only interested in a political agenda

Monsanto and other corporations have vastly contributed to the problem of the food shortage

Now we are to believe all of a sudden they want to help the world

The future looks bleak indeed if the people of the world accept this as corporations who care about anybody but their staggering profits at the expense of the third world

No Monsanto... we won't work with you to destroy the world's seed base

The mentality of the corporations is - oh well, the natursl way of crop diversity is not good enough, hey we can manufacture better seeds and food sources than nature

so what if a few billion people die while we attempt to re-create nature

This is criminal in the worst way

Dear Fred:

While I don't think Monsanto has had an epiphany and will start to act like Mother Theresa, they may recognize that they are ripe for the type of piracy practiced by many Third World countries on Western IP rights. Whether that piracy is justified, especially with regard to products that could alleviate hunger or disease is a political, or perhaps moral, question. But if Monsanto wants to avoid the kind of backlash that pharmaceutical companies are experiencing, they needed to do something to appear to be part of the solution. I don't discount the factual bases for your skepticism, but there might be an "enlightened self interest" aspect to their behavior that reduces the predatory effects of the corporate culture. It's definitely a "wait and see" situation.

Thanks for the comment.

While I don't entirely agree with Specht's comments that the "hype-to-reality ratio [of Monsanto's plans] is essentially infinity" it certainly seems that climate change is quickly becoming the newest over hyped science buzz word.

The NSF will now probably be bombarded with grant proposals for nanotechnology based stem cell climate changing widgets for homeland security.

Dear Bryan:

Like "-omics" and "nano-" before it, these trends are unavoidable. However, insofar as there is any wheat in all that chaff, having a lot of smart people thinking about apply technology to solve new problems (or old problems in new ways) isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Thanks for the comment.

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