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June 23, 2008


"gaming the count system."

Of course they are. Is someone out there telling you differently? At the same time, attorneys are gaming the count system, and so are spe's and so is the international bureau. Everyone and anyone taking part in the prosecution of patents is gaming the count system. It just so happens that examiners are gaming the system the least of everyone because it is more difficult than it is for other parties to.

"3. Massive hiring of new (and inexperienced) examiners"

That is of course the major reason for many of the problems, but it is directly linked to the quantity of applications that must be examined. You'll have to lower the amount of the one to lower the amount of the other.

e6k, tap your heels together while repeating the words, "It's not a PTO management created problem." If that doesn't work, then continue throwing mirrors and smoke so no one considers the problem with PTO management. I agree with you - that's a really good way to help America.

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