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May 22, 2008


The REAL hypocrisy of M$ and other "coalition" members is their constant efforts to make the penalties for copyright
infrinement more and more draconian while whining and complaining about "patent taxes" and "unreasonably high costs of patents."
Microsoft would have no mercy on a small business owner that can't deal with the "Microsoft tax" and pirates their software. Microsoft would say that software piracy is theft and that one who can't afford the product should not expropriate it. I remember RV-advertisements from the BSA about business owners dragged out of work in handcuffs for pirating software.
Well what about patent piracy - why should we, the public, have "mercy" on tech behemoths (i.e. M$, Intel, Cisco, Oracle) with market caps on the order of $100 billion that can't take the time to do a clearance opinion (or even, gasp, multiple clearance opinions) before launching a product that will make them billions.
Mark Chandler complains about the number of lawsuits - well, his company is worth north of a $100 billion - what do you EXPECT !!!
And this isn't exactly bankrupting ANY of the CPF members.

IDEA - the patent community should organize and send hundreds of people outside of Redmond HQ dressed up as pirates explaining how M$ is lobbying to legalize patent piracy. How could Microsoft EVER EVER preach again about the "morality" of software piracy and the need for purchasing M$ licenses after supporting "patent reform" which will basically enourage all infringers to "roll the dice" and never to license ANYTHING.

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