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May 19, 2008


Perhaps I missed it, but in scanning through the report I couldn't help but notice that the authors conveniently forgot to mention that patents typically expire 20 years from filing. The ETC's predictions of climate change are set to occur long after these patents become public domain:

**Farmers in dryland areas of sub-Saharan
Africa will experience revenue losses of 25%
per acre by 2060.

**Latin America and Africa and will see a
10% decline in maize productivity by 2055.

Dear Brian:

It isn't there because it doesn't fit the agenda, and because "patents are bad" is the only rationale behind ETC. If they understood inconvenient truths like term limits, it would make the "problem" a lot less immediate, and reduce the impact of what they are trying to do. For parallels, look at the Coalition for Patent Fairness, who may be worse because they do understand patents.

Thanks for the comment.

The "patents are bad" crew just won't quit. Apparently they would prefer that Monsanto, BASF et al. not do the research, so that the genes won't be identified and, more importantly, ways to put them to use in practical applications won't be developed until much later - like after a crisis is really upon us. Thanks for posting this.

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