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March 27, 2008


Unless commentators provide identification and can be held responsible for their comments regarding the examiners, I think it would be best to avoid this site. Or at least take any comments with a grain of salt, understanding that the author need not take any responsibility for being correct or fair. I find it very difficult to accept that a professional such as an examiner can be so easily publicly criticised or slandered, without effective options for real defense!


I agree with your recommendation that an opinion from an unidentified poster at this site (or frankly, at any site) should be taken with a grain of salt. Obviously, practitioners who decide to use "USPTO Examiners" as a resource will also need to carefully consider the tone of each post (i.e., is the poster's comment substantive or merely inflammatory). However, I think it's impractical to expect a practitioner to identify him or herself because of the possibility of retribution.

In addition, I expect that many examiners will receive favorable reviews, and that if this site succeeds in developing a sufficient database, such comments would be as valuable as those that are critical. In fact, as I noted in my post, one of the two comments posted on the new site was positive.

Thanks for your comment,

Donald Zuhn

One of two comments? If you click on "message board", there are actually many comments posted already.

I doubt that this site will be as useful as you hope. People tend to post only when an examiner is exceptionally good or exceptionally poor (especially the latter because they make people angry). May be the site will be useful for unmasking extremely poor examiners. That will be something at least.

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