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January 08, 2008


Like alot of these ideas, but hate the idea of 78(f). No offense, but the person proposing that must not be in house. At a large corp the number of relationships between deals, inventors, filings and subsidiaries making doing a rule 78 report nearly impossible and the amount gained would seem to be limited. If a corp is abusing the system and filing many nearly idetical aps those corps should be dealt with on a corp by corp, attorney by attorney basis.

It would be good to prepare and keep a list of all these proposals for later. But expecting them to be considered or especially adopted by the PTO now is a pipe dream. Many of these same proposals have already been suggested and rejected/ignored by the current PTO hierarchy. We simply need to hope and pray that the GSK/Tafas suits stalls the current Rules mess until 2009 and the next administration comes in who will hopefully listen to the private patent sector, as well as put in a Director/Deputy Director who really meets the qualifications under 35 USC 3.

"Encourage examiners to conduct telephonic interviews to expedite prosecution rather than mail out repetitious Office actions. "

Only if the entirety of those phone interviews is recorded/transcribed and made publically available.

FYI, Kevin -- see my comment in the most recent article.

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