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March 13, 2007


Why is this news?


Thank you for expressing an interest in our blog. When we began "Patent Docs," one of our stated goals was to "highlight newly issued biotech and pharma patents" (see our first post on October 22, 2006). Our patent profiles constitute one way in which we are attempting to satisfy this goal.

By providing information on selected U.S. patents, it is our hope that "Patent Docs" will help patent professionals stay abreast of the biotech/pharma patent landscape. For example, the '484 patent discussed in the story above relates to liposomal drug delivery, an area of research that has seen quite a bit of recent patent activity. In addition, we believe that our patent profiles provide helpful information regarding the types of claims that the Patent Office is currently allowing. Finally, an analysis of our site stats indicates that most "Patent Docs" readers appear to be interested in the patent profiles.

Again, we thank you for reading our blog, and for taking the time to let us know what you think about "Patent Docs."


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